Author: Andreea Dumitrache

Andreea is an enthusiastic third year journalism student eager to bring you the latest news on the University of Worcester's sustainability projects. Working on various positions across the university, she got first-hand experience of the institution’s commitment to tackle environmental issues and jumped in to help out, by keeping you engaged in our green community.
leadership for sustainability debate

Students’ role in debate on a sustainable market economy

As everyone loves a great debate, this week’s event at the Hive welcomed representatives from a variety of fields to discuss an often controversial topic: is it possible to have leaders who push for a sustainable market economy? As a recent graduate, I was interested in seeing how some of today’s leaders consider sustainability in their day-to-day jobs. It was… Read more →


Saving students money and improving landlords’ properties #EnergizeWorcester is an exciting opportunity to tackle the poor energy efficiency of privately rented student houses, reducing energy consumption and in turn student bills. The project is in two parts.  One part of #EnergizeWorcester looks at behaviour and helps people to find ways of using less energy without losing comfort.  This is done… Read more →

Local politicians discuss proposed bus cuts in Worcestershire

Transport is always an essential issue linked to sustainability and with fuel prices always going up, we clearly need to look at the future for more sustainable ways of travelling. In this context, proposed cuts for all bus subsidies from the Worcestershire County Council are met with scepticism from local politicians who emphasise the importance of affordable public transport. Worcester… Read more →

Climate change debate

University of Worcester students set out to examine the dramatic impact flooding and climate change has had on our beautiful city Our plans as first year Sustainability students have quickly changed, due to the weather and flooding issues the city has been facing this week. We felt compelled to report on the issues brought by floods in Worcester, from our… Read more →