Author: John Callewaert

As Emerging Opportunities Program Director at the University of Michigan's (U-M) Graham Sustainability Institute, John works in collaboration with faculty research teams and students on a wide range of sustainability projects. In addition to his work with the Emerging Opportunities Program, John teaches UC 327: Interdisciplinary Thinking - the junior level course for the Graham Sustainability Scholars program. John is also a co-principal investigator for the Sustainability Cultural Indicators Program – a longitudinal study in collaboration with U-M Institute for Social Research that assesses sustainability knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes across U-M students, faculty, and staff to inform educational programs and campus operations. In fall 2016, John completed a two week Fulbright exchange on sustainability at the University of Worcester.

US-UK Fulbright Exchange on Sustainability

Thinking about sustainability in a place where settled human activity has continued for millennia brings new perspectives.  Seeing how places such as pubs and cathedrals carry on human patterns of activity alongside innovative university/town partnerships such as The Hive has been inspiring.  I’m also seeing new meaning in “Keep Calm and Carry On” as a helpful motto for continuing to… Read more →