Author: Katy Boom

Katy has led the development of wide ranging sustainability initiatives at the University of Worcester in her role as director of sustainability. Her work focuses on the campus, working in the community and embedding sustainability in the curriculum. Overseeing the development of students as partners on major sustainability change programs and building sustainability skills with students and student volunteers Katy’s work has won a number of national and international awards. Katy is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the EAUC. Katy represents the University on Worcestershire's Local Nature Partnership and Worcestershire Climate Change Strategy Group and is a member of the SuLiTest UK Steering Group. Katy's research interests include frameworks for measuring sustainability culture in Higher Education, managing energy in student rented homes, an online magazine for students, academics and practitioners to engage students in sustainable development and developing bike share schemes.

Go Green Week in Worcester – April 2017

Students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester Massachusetts USA and the University of Worcester built on a ‘Go Green Week’ model used by the University (UK) promoting sustainability through activities. Students conducted pre and post Go Green Week surveys to evaluate their efforts.  Most citizens surveyed said  they were aware of sustainability practices and 93 participants “strongly agree” that it is important… Read more →

Campus Go Green Week February 2017

Go Green Week February 2017….at the University of Worcester Eagerly awaited by students who have been organising the events, and staff who need a new chilli plant for their office, read on to find out what’s ‘new’ on campus for this year and what ‘old’ favourites are back….   During the week: NEW pick up a loyalty card, Learn how to… Read more →

Does interactivity foster deeper engagement & learning

One of the University of Worcester’s core values is to promote sustainable development and active engagement with the community and fully accept our broad responsibilities to society. One way the University has chosen to help implement this is to develop this website. You are reading this now so you know we have this publishing platform.  There is a sister site… Read more →

Energize Worcester – Phase II

Energize Worcester is working with local students, the National Union of Students, landlords, and Worcester, Bosch Group Ltd to tackle energy efficiency in rented student houses You can read about the successes of Phase I of the Project at Note this part of the project has now completed An exciting and valuable offer of free central heating boilers and control… Read more →