Author: Mihaela Getzova

Mihaela is a second year BA (Hons) Accounting student in the University of Worcester. She gives attention to detail and desires to incorporate her keen eye for innovation and logical approach in sustainability projects. She is extremely interested in working towards the development of awareness not only for environmental issues but more importantly for ways in which to resolve them through sustainability. She looks forward to securing an industrial placement and thus transferring her views on sustainability to business. She hopes to become a skilled professional strongly supporting sustainability and environment preservation.

Skills for Tomorrow #SfT

An amazing opportunity for the children to learn about sustainability, what it is and how important it is!  #SfT Focusing on the future- this is Skills for Tomorrow! A great variety of organisations joined us today, ranging from businesses to charities, to University of Worcester staff. Our goal- to involve school students into sustainability. Many children from different schools came… Read more →

COP21- afternoon workshop

COP is a global summit aiming to resolve the issues of global warming. With recent reports becoming more and more concerning this is crucial for absolutely every person on the planet. The session focuses on the COP21 which will be held in December in Paris 2015. We started with a quite lengthy presentation of what COP is and what the… Read more →

Start of the Sustainability summit!

  Monday morning in the University of Leeds Students Union building. A room packed with students and delegates from all around the country. This is the atmosphere in which the Sustainability Summit is starting. #sss15 Everyone was greeted by Piers Telemacque, Vice-president: Society and Citizenship, NUS who thanked the University  of Leeds  for hosting the summit and emphasised some of the… Read more →