Editorial contact: Katy Boom, Director of Sustainability, University of Worcester.

‘susthingsout.com is a sustainability magazine hosted by the University of Worcester. Its tag line is change today, protect tomorrow. It has an external facing side (as a publishing platform) and an internal learning side, which is private to the students and academics. Its impact is in linkages to sustainability projects (Academic, Social, Economic and Environmental) introduced into the curriculum by live internal and external events, student-led projects, talks, conferences, special features, guest contributors and case histories so students can see that we can change today to protect tomorrow.’

Antonius Raghubansie, Associate Head and ESD Lead, Worcester Business School.

Further information about this digital publishing project can be found at the second and third world symposiums of sustainable development in higher education in September 2014, and September 2016 copies available from  Katy Boom.


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  1. Sue Howarth
    Sue Howarth at |

    A great project idea. Looking forward to more!


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