e-biking for the first time – personal reflections

Arriving to a new city and starting a new job, even if it is a temporary assignment always brings new experiences. I got those new experiences when I arrived to University of Worcester this September, as a “Climate Pioneer”.

My name is Kati Kurucz – I am Hungarian and I have a full-time job in Hungary at a research institute as Head of Department for International projects. This year I decided to participate in a Climate change related initiative of the European Union called Pioneers into Practice. Pioneers are professionals hosted by different institutes around Europe; they do projects that help to reduce the detrimental effects of climate change. The Sustainability Department of University of Worcester offered the Woo Bikes bike share scheme as a sustainable travel option for a challenge and I chose that.

I gained some personal experiences for cycling in Worcester on an e-bike right at the beginning of my stay, in September 2018.

I received an e-bike for trial right on the first day from Woo Bikes.  Woo logo

I used that to go to work from the city; I cycled about 4 miles a day. It proved to be a simple and easy way to go to work – and a good daily work-out. With a rucksack for my laptop and solid information about the route, I was able to find my way and got to work in about 20 minutes. I need to mention that I am used to driving on the left, and the direction of the traffic is just the opposite to what I am used to. With a bit of practice, and extra attention to the directions, I managed from the start and was quite proud of myself! I left the bike for the day near the office and just picked it up and rode home in the evening. There was no need to wait for the bus or getting stuck in the evening traffic jam.

As I said, I used an electronic bike or e-bike that comes with a battery and I was really glad to be able to use it when I had to mount some hills on the way. On flat routes, cycling is easy – as Worcester has some hilly parts, it might seem a bit of an effort to ride uphill. The e-bike was a good solution for this. It helped when the uphill ride was getting strenuous, and let me pedal on flat terrain.

Cycling proved to be an easy travel option that I would definitely recommend to those working in Worcester – it is a good choice if you would like to avoid traffic jams and wasting time. It is also good for your health and considerably reduces your travel costs and carbon footprint.

All the best for starting cycling!

Author: Kati Kurucz seen second from the right in the photo

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