Elective Modules

be challenged, be inspired, be creative, be innovative, be employable, be outstanding …

Why choose an Elective module at Level 5?

Looking for something to make your degree stand out? As a single honours student you have the opportunity to choose to take an Elective module as part of your programme in your second year. Taking an Elective provides added value to your degree, makes your degree distinctive, and can make you more employable. Many of the Level 5 Elective modules offer placement or work-based project experience. Elective modules are innovative and interdisciplinary, providing the opportunity to work with students and staff from different specialisms in acquiring an understanding of key issues that affect our contemporary world.


How do you go about selecting them?

You can sign up for a Level 5 Elective module when you make your module selections via your student SOLE page. Your module selection page will list the choice of Elective modules in the module choice selection block along with the choices of optional modules from your subject area. Most of these Level 5 Electives do not require you to have studied the Level 4 module as a pre-requisite. The grades from all Level 5 Elective modules can count towards your final degree classification in the same way as any other module. Alternatively, you could choose to select one of the Level 4 Elective modules in your second year,
although the grades from this module would not count towards your final degree classification.

“It was an amazing opportunity to focus on my business idea and get support in creating a robust plan”

Business and Social Enterprise student on the benefits of the module

“The different sessions on different educational topics were very engaging and interesting and kept me engaged throughout”… “The module furthered my future goals in working to become a teacher.”

Engaging with Education students on the benefits of the module.

“My work experience module is giving me great employability skills. Elective students use a WordPress website called susthingsout, it’s a really great way for us as students to learn how to publicise material and just how to get that professional aspect from our learning.”

Sustainability student on the benefits of the module

  1 comment for “Elective Modules

  1. Rasa Liepina
    March 22, 2017 at 10:39 am

    I study sociology and I find this elective module really helpful. I was initially interested in sustainability before picking this module, but during the course of the year it has really broadened my perspectives and I’ve been able to find out so much more than I kew before. The module offers different types of expert witness sessions and the ability to organise events. Teachers take in your views in sustainability and the ideas you might generate.
    I’m happy that I did pick this module and I would suggest you to do the same if your have the ability!

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