Eliott and Janathan’s Gtech Review

Our Experience At The Gtech Stall


We really enjoyed the Gtech presentation, especially looking at all the amazing gadgets. Our favorite gadget was the E-Bike.

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The Gtech E-Bike is just like a normal bike, in the sense that it is peddled in the normal way. However, this bike is assisted by a Lithium iron battery, which gives an extra boost when riding the bike.

Another thing we really enjoyed at Gtech was the What Your Step game, which is a guessing game where the person with the lowest carbon footprint at the end of the game wins.

We found the game extremely interesting and innovative, whilst also being very fun to play. I was particularly interested in the fact  that the dice were 3d printed in a honeycomb structure, which used less energy and material, but resulted in a solid looking, sturdy finish.

All in all, we really enjoyed the Gtech stall. Both the E-Bike and the game were exciting and fun to see and play.

By Eliott and Janathan

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