I think… I imagine: I can do! Skills for Tomorrow!

Skills for tomorrow, day two! Today I wanted to focus my blog on one of the stalls: the outreach team. Busy with young people drawing about their aimes: their future. This is enlightening! Thinking of how they make the future more sustainable. As well as green jobs for the future, and green inventions!

Chatting to the children they were enthusiastic about their own inventions, they came up with ideas such as: the app that controls the weather, enough rain that it waters plants, but no rain when you walk to school, how great! Also an idea of two car lanes, one that’s a car share lane, and one lane that is a slow car lane that will make you late for work, therefore you have to share public transport.


Some students were keen to write for my blog and have written below!

Hi Im Renee, my invention is the google glass part 2 the YouTube band. When you think about a YouTube video it will instantly project it onto the glass and there is a setting that will let you show your friends. You can carry it anywhere, it will run on solar paneled energy, this is good for the environment because you don’t need to plug it in. You can even still like and post comments by using voice command. Also the YouTube band will lock its self when you tell it too and can be unlocked by voice recognition or stating a fact about yourself. This is my invention.


Hello I’m Ni. My invention is called the shampconter. Instead of having the pain to get shampoo onto your hands it can automatically come into your hair also it carries running clean rain water therefore you will have no hassle putting all hair products in your hair, and it saves the environment! I would be my own designer for this product.


Nicole: my invention is the Thermo Jacket. Overall, it’s a jacket that allows you to cool you down (with built in air con) and warm you up (with heaters). This is economical and will benefit people as you only need one jacket for all purposes. Pull the red jacket string to add heat; the blue to add air con. The more you pull the specific string, the colder/warmer the jacket will become. I think this will be good as people will probably buy this so that they don’t have to keep taking their jacket off as their too hot! This is my idea, and I think it would really work!


Morgan again, this stall is so interesting in that it makes young people think about future options, and that everything is possible.

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