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Here at the sustainability department we often need people to help us arrange and support sustainability events. We also like to get together from time to time and share ideas and attend local events on sustainability issues. Volunteering your time and being part of our team can be very rewarding! You can add it to your Worcester Award hours, or use it as an opportunity to gain experience and transferable skills that make you stand out from the crowd and are sought after by employers. If you have a specific interest you can focus your energies in that direction, for example if you’re a keen photographer you could be our on-call photographer! There will also be opportunities to pick up paid work from time to time, as a volunteer you will automatically receive any adverts etc.

If you are able to spare some time to help, or want to be kept up to date with sustainability activities and events, please complete this form below.

By completing this form I acknowledge  that I am providing my personal details to University.  These will be used for contacting you about sustainability initiatives, volunteering or paid work opportunities.  More information is available here. 

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