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  1. James
    James at |

    Day one was extremely productive and I though the students really enjoyed all of our stalls. today is even more productive because even more students have showed up for the second day

  2. Harry Mattson
    Harry Mattson at |

    The banner looked absolutely amazing! I love how you let all of the students add to it and the first one looked absolutely different from the second one!

  3. Christopher Scarpino
    Christopher Scarpino at |

    It’s a really great thing when you can see students develop ideas about what they want to do when they are older right in front of you. The whole process is very interesting and students seem to like to talk about different careers even though they don’t know what they want to do yet.

  4. Jasmine - University Sustainability Mentor
    Jasmine - University Sustainability Mentor at |

    I was one of the assistants working within the Sustainable Food Workshop, personally I can say that the students responded on both days extremely well to the presentation and activities set. Each group came up with exceptionally innovative concepts that accurately reflected the tasks provided. Each group seemed to engage and respond exceedingly well, and I am confident in saying that everyone at the end of the 2 days left having gained a new insight into sustainable food, thanks to Ruth, Andy and Chris who led the activities and presentation.

    An excellent experience!!


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