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  1. Zuzka
    Zuzka at |

    Lots of interesting things going on in the exhibitor hall! Everyone enjoyed playing with the thermal camera and the car to name just two. Looking forward to today!!

  2. Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy at |

    The keynote speaker was great at motivating the students to get excited about all the possibilities of things they can create when they put their mind to it

  3. Hugh
    Hugh at |

    I love all the different stalls, they definitely engage with all of the students and get them thinking about all the different career options

  4. Jasmine - University Sustainability Mentor
    Jasmine - University Sustainability Mentor at |

    Although I was in the Sustainable Food Workshop for a large part of the 2 days, I managed to see the keynote speech as well as have a good look around the stalls in the exhibitor hall. Both of these were extremely interesting as there were a large amount for the students to interact with and consider, something which I saw occurring throughout the Skills for Tomorrow event.


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