Thursday 8th June 2017

Zara Guest and Mya Year 8 Aston Fields Middle School


Today was very fun and interesting. First we had a talk from a lady who’s business turns old fishing nets into carpet tiles. It is cheaper and very environmentally friendly. Next we investigated different foods and their ingredients  to see how healthy they were and how big their carbon footprint was. Our next task was to create a dessert that was healthy, locally sourced, inexpensive and had a low carbon footprint. We came up with a variation of Eton Mess using low-fat ice cream.

We then went to another room where we discussed National Clean Air Day which is on the 15th of June. We came up with ideas to reduce air pollution. Our idea was for there to be one day a week where everyone had to ‘Cycle Everywhere To Clean The Air.’

Our favourite part of the day was when we went around the exhibition area and got loads of freebies including ice-cream tasters! It was a great day.

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