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Lunchtime Talk, Wednesday 16th October, Local enterprise partnerships. Local economic growth, enterprise and job creation

Claire Bridges operations manager at Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership  (WLEP) will explain how LEPs were created in 2011 as an instrument of Government to spearhead local economic growth, enterprise and job creation. The WLEP has produced a business plan which is the delivery focus for the country but government has now set increased responsibilities and ambitions for each LEP and amongst the new challenges will be the integration of sustainability principles.

Entitled: Local enterprise partnerships…what are they and how will they help students enter employment and provide funding to the region.
When: Wednesday 16th October
Where: EE G131, St. John’s Campus
What Time: 1.15- 2.00

For more information please contact Katy Boom, Director of Environmental Sustainability, University of Worcester, email

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