S1W8: Learning Task

  1. Encouraging people to change their behaviour is acknowledged as something very difficult to do. Go Green Week endeavours to encourage students and staff to change their behaviours to be more sustainable. How do we approach it?  What factors do you need in place for it to work?
  2. Watch this long video, where the ISM behaviour change model is explained by the model’s creator Andrew Darnton.  He goes on to work up an example of how to use the model based on trying to get more first year the university of Worcester Students, who live in the St Johns Halls of residence, to recycling more food containers.
  3. Carry on adding to the shared GGW planning post so by next week we should have the beginnings of a structure to the week.
  4. Talk to friends, neighbours, family, societies anyone for ideas and help!
  5. Research GGW’s in other universities across the globe.

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