Author: Amber Horne

I am a third-year Creative Writing and English Literature student with a passion for words, art, and tackling food/fashion waste.

Concerned about the clothing crisis? Wash care stops the wear and tear.

When we discuss fashion’s effect on the environment, we rarely look to our everyday chores as the culprit. When we carelessly wash our clothes, we diminish their quality against the advice right before our eyes. We weaken the elastic, the cloth, and the overall durability. By understanding how to treat different fabrics and garments we can tackle the negative environmental effects of fast fashion as we wear our clothes longer and don’t feel the need to buy more.     Read more →


Concerned about the clothing crisis? Create a capsule wardrobe.

You can start your sustainability journey with the clothes you already own by creating a capsule wardrobe! With the help of useful apps and your own fashion intuition, you can streamline your wardrobe with timeless pieces that keep you always on trend. By keeping your wardrobe limited but versatile, a capsule wardrobe enables you to start making mindful decisions as a consumer of the fashion industry, whilst fighting fast fashion’s negative impact on the environment. Read more →