Author: Morgan

Morgan is a second year Drama & Performance student at the University of Worcester. After undertaking joint honours Psychology and Drama in her first year, she has decided to undertake a sustainability module this year as an attribute to her passion for the area. She hopes to link her excellent organisational, practical and creative skills that these subjects entail, with the development of sustainability projects. In her work she hopes to implement her own innovative and creative approach. She desires to contribute for positive change, providing a strong voice for the sustainability issues in and around the University of Worcester.

Painting your pathway to Green Jobs: Sustainability

Workshop number two at Bristols Student Sustainability Summit! This workshop caught my eye, not only have I now developed my knowledge about sustainability, Charlotte and Josh from IEMA’s, (The Institute of Enviromental Management and Assessment) words opened up many eyes today at the summit. Revealing the many paths we may take in my future. IEMA explores: ‘transforming the world to sustainability’ This is… Read more →

Skills for Tomorrow, yours, mine, our tomorrow!

One place, one message: a whole gathering of young people whose interests are sparked in hope of a more sustainable future. Skills for tomorrow held at the University of Worcester acted as the first step for some, and the next step for many young KS3 students. As schools were brought together they collaboratively and interactively learnt more about the environment; how to make Worcester their… Read more →

Skills for tomorrow: A Good Morrow!

Another student blog, this time from students at The Chase school. They brought me over a piece of fudge from the handmade, home made Ruby’s Kitchen. How sweet! They were enthusiastic about the environment and brought me fudge! Yummy! I am now passing over too them! … Goodmorrow earthlings 😉 It is Natalie, Amy, Meg, Mia and Eloise here! Today… Read more →

Skills for Tomorrow: The Boys are back!

Third and final students blog of the day from four young men from St. Marys. Chatty as ever they told me they learnt a lot today, however below their experiences and opinions are stated! It’s much more exciting hearing their day from their own point of view! Piers, Aaron, Henry and Collumbus collaborativley crafted: We are three students from St… Read more →