Go Green Week 2022

Go Green Week 2022 written by and image by Heather Sykes

Banner for Go Green Week on the campus gate

Go Green Week 2022 was yet another super success. This year, the university’s Go Green Week ran from the 7th to the 11th of February. There were so many things to celebrate, and it was great fun to see so many people involved. The students at SusThingsOut put together a video summarising everything we did, to show off the great footage we got from the week.

There were litter picks that took place around the city and the public applauded. We saw therapy dogs on St John’s campus that made our hearts melt. There was even fresh spicy food that made our tastebuds tingle. There was so much more that took place, so watch the video to see what we got up to!

Summary video of a week of activities led by students at the University of Worcester in February 2022

It was fantastic to have such a lively in-person event held at the university. The mix of students, staff and the local community made for a brilliant week. Thank you to everyone that played a role in making Go Green Week 2022 happen. We hope you enjoyed the events just as much as we did if you managed to get involved. And we can’t wait for next year to see what will take place.

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