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Sustainability: A Student Perspective

Sustainability is a topic that has gained significant attention in recent years. Looking at the behaviours of University of Worcester students in their every day lives can explain the contributions towards sustainability. Written by Katy Boom. Edited by Rosie Bramwell As we become more aware of our impact on the environment, it’s crucial to understand how we can make changes… Read more →

Staff Sustainability Culture in 2024

Here we present the findings of a survey conducted among 255 staff focusing on their sustainability practices and awareness of the University’s sustainability efforts. It is pleasing to see this indicates a high level of commitment to sustainability among the respondents, with a majority engaging in sustainable practices regularly. Written by Katy Boom. Edited by Rosie Bramwell. Staff Sustainability Practices… Read more →

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10 years of Digital Publishing

SusThingsOut is ten years old! This year we celebrate the anniversary of our student-led magazine, where students have worked with staff and academics to gain useful skills in digital publishing. Students and staff presented at a Students as Co-Creators AdvanceHE Symposium in January 2024 to help celebrate 10 years of co-creating content with student Digital Creative Assistants. Watch our short… Read more →

SusThingsOut’s impacts through Social media

SusThingsOut (STO) is a multi-media platform, spanning from the website to social media platforms like Instagram and more recently, TikTok. All these platforms serve a different purpose when it comes to educating people about sustainability on and off campus. In the last calendar year, SusThingsOut has amassed 4500 new viewers on the website. With the highest number of visitors coming… Read more →

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Sustainability Skills Survey: Worcester Students Given A Voice

Sustainability Skills Survey 2023-24: Key Findings  The Sustainability Skills Survey 2023-24, conducted with 12,551 UK students, including 463 from the University of Worcester, revealed insightful trends about student perspectives on sustainability, education, and future employment.  Many respondents believe their courses will equip them with the skills to improve people’s health and quality of life.  Factors in Choosing a Place to… Read more →

Free Accredited Auditing training and experience

Volunteering Opportunity – one day Are you interested in gaining some valuable training and experience in environmental auditing? We are offering FREE accredited auditor training -Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) Approved. You’ll receive a full mornings training in the requirements of environmental auditing followed by a free lunch, and then first-hand environmental auditing experience in the afternoon. No… Read more →

Terrariums: Sustainability In A Bottle

Terrariums are self-contained tropical ecosystems that grow inside a closed container. This is a good example of sustainability, just in a bottle, jar, or vase. Written by Rosie Bramwell. Illustrated by Charlie Marston. An interview with the two Worcester students – Mac Weekley and Elisha Parkes – who co-hosted the terrarium workshop During our annual Go Green Week, students hosted… Read more →

The Allotments at the University of Worcester

Students in University of Worcester’s Allotment society have an incredible impact on campus, including working with the annual Sustainability event Go Green Week. We spoke to a member of the society, Briagh Harker, to get their voice, and share the work they do every year with the university. Interview conducted and written by Rosie Bramwell. An interview with a member… Read more →

Student survey:

Student Survey shows growing concern for how their place of study handles environmental issues. Written by Molly McMahon. Summary of the survey as a whole Students from the University of Worcester recently took part in The Student Perspectives on Education and Employment Survey for the year 2023/2024 This survey discusses what student’s priorities when choosing their university. From course reputation to environmental matters it all makes an impact on where people… Read more →

Sustainability Scores Soar in Student and Staff Survey

Words by Heather Sykes, Creative Writing and Illustration Student. Graphs by Aleksandr Mäeots, Film Production Student. Further material was written by Dr Sian Evans. Survey Highlights In 2021-2022 and again in the 2022-2023 academic years, the university asked students and staff about sustainability knowledge and awareness, this is a longitudinal study going back a number of years so we can… Read more →

Learning about Sustainability and Cooking Pizza

Sustainability learning by cooking pizza in a wood-fired oven During our training as Residential Life Team members (RLT),  were introduced to the significance and impact of Sustainability, by the University of Worcester sustainability department. Giving us a chance to develop our skills for maintaining and protecting the environment and importantly making a positive societal impact. A fun way to learn… Read more →

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Post-Covid impacts on sustainability awareness and behaviours highlighted in student and staff surveys

In 2023 the surveys with students and staff were repeated. Response rates were very low for students n=281 and n=380 for staff. The extremely low student response rate may be a post-Covid symptom. Sustainability awareness and behaviours amongst staff and students have changed in 2023 compared to previous years. With 87% of students declaring they are very or somewhat committed… Read more →

Student Sustainability Skills Annual Survey

Four hundred and twenty-one University of Worcester students participated in the 2022-23 SOS UK student skills survey, the fifth-highest number of responses across the country. Students Rosie Bramwell and Fay Askew review the data and discuss what are the next steps. The University of Worcester students also took part in the 2020-21 Sustainability Skills survey which received over 8700 responses… Read more →

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Can the Digital Twin identify energy inefficiencies on campus?

Students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute used Digital Twin technology to observe current energy usage and inefficiencies on campus. Written by Rosie Bramwell. How can energy usage be improved at the University of Worcester? Four students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) set up a research project in the Sheila Scott building on the St Johns campus. These students worked on… Read more →