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Driving for Sustainability with Electric Vehicles

Driving for Sustainability with Electric Vehicles written by Ari Bissoondial, Katy Hartmann, Sage Ortega-Shue, Jolie Walts and edited by Heather Sykes. Graphic by Ira Spiridonova. The UK has set some aims to work on improving sustainability in the country. One goal is to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 to cut down the effects of climate change. At the moment, the… Read more →

Delivering Carbon Literacy In Worcestershire’s Libraries

Delivering Carbon Literacy In Worcestershire’s Libraries written by Heather Sykes, a project led by students Lauren Balukonis, Adam Marsh, Amy Ngan, and Blake Pedersen. Background We all need to make drastic measures in order to meet the UK’s plan to be ‘net-zero’ by the year 2050. Groups such as the Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) are providing accredited training on climate… Read more →

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Bird Watching For Well-being at Worcester

Bird Watching For Well-being at Worcester written by and images by Heather Sykes Bird watching for well-being is coming to campus. Well-being at uni is key. The University of Worcester encourages students to take care of their well-being whilst studying. A new set of signposts have been put up around campus to help students take their minds off everyday stresses.… Read more →

• Chrissy and Michael Bentley from the Farmers Overseas Action Group

Global Development in a Post-COVID-19 World

In March this year, the Department of Geography at the University of Worcester held its annual public conference that focuses on a specific theme in global development. The conference, organised collaboratively with the local Beacons Development Education Centre, was attended by students from across the university, as well as University staff, Beacons volunteers, members of the public, and representatives from… Read more →


Concerned about the clothing crisis? Wash care stops the wear and tear.

When we discuss fashion’s effect on the environment, we rarely look to our everyday chores as the culprit. When we carelessly wash our clothes, we diminish their quality against the advice right before our eyes. We weaken the elastic, the cloth, and the overall durability. By understanding how to treat different fabrics and garments we can tackle the negative environmental effects of fast fashion as we wear our clothes longer and don’t feel the need to buy more.     Read more →