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Sustainability Skills Survey: Worcester Students Given A Voice

Sustainability Skills Survey: Worcester Students Given a Voice. Written by Sian Evans and Rosie Bramwell. Graphics by Fay Askew. According to a recent Sustainability Skills Survey, there is more to choosing which University to attend than just the campus and various courses it has to offer. At the start of the 2022/2023 academic year, NUS hosted a Sustainability Skills Survey.… Read more →

Are Students Learning enough about Sustainable Development (SDGs)?

Are students learning about sustainability in the curriculum at University? Using a benchmarking tool we can find out how much your University has embedded the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Written by Katy Boom. Edited by Rosie Bramwell. The SDGs are a collection of 17 goals to make the world more sustainable: Since we used the bespoke benchmarking tool to map… Read more →

Carbon Literacy In Worcestershire Libraries

Carbon Literacy In Worcestershire Libraries written by Heather Sykes, a project led by students Lauren Balukonis, Adam Marsh, Amy Ngan, and Blake Pedersen in 2022, and a further project led by students Shannon Daly, Thomas Lamar, Reyna Loycano, and Kerri Thornton in 2023. Carbon Buzzwords The language around sustainability is ever-changing to keep up with the changing world and environment.… Read more →

Sustainability Scores Soar in Student and Staff Survey

Words by Heather Sykes, Creative Writing and Illustration Student. Graphs by Aleksandr Mäeots, Film Production Student. Further material was written by Dr Sian Evans. Survey Highlights In 2021-2022 and again in the 2022-2023 academic years, the university asked students and staff about sustainability knowledge and awareness, this is a longitudinal study going back a number of years so we can… Read more →

Learning about Sustainability and Cooking Pizza

Sustainability learning by cooking pizza in a wood-fired oven During our training as Residential Life Team members (RLT),  were introduced to the significance and impact of Sustainability, by the University of Worcester sustainability department. Giving us a chance to develop our skills for maintaining and protecting the environment and importantly making a positive societal impact. A fun way to learn… Read more →

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Post-Covid impacts on sustainability awareness and behaviours highlighted in student and staff surveys

In 2023 the surveys with students and staff were repeated. Response rates were very low for students n=281 and n=380 for staff. The extremely low student response rate may be a post-Covid symptom. Sustainability awareness and behaviours amongst staff and students have changed in 2023 compared to previous years. With 87% of students declaring they are very or somewhat committed… Read more →

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Britain’s 2nd University Station: will it be Worcester?

Britain’s 2nd University Station: will it be Worcester? research done by and written by Jake Byrnes, Nicole Dressler, Mionna Green, Nick Stone, and Elisabeth Whittemore, edited and co-written by Heather Sykes Background  Public transportation is often used by those who commute to school or work for reasons such as time, cost, or flexibility. Trains are a cost-effective and more environmentally… Read more →

Student Sustainability Skills Annual Survey

Four hundred and twenty-one University of Worcester students participated in the 2022-23 SOS UK student skills survey, the fifth-highest number of responses across the country. Students Rosie Bramwell and Fay Askew review the data and discuss what are the next steps. The University of Worcester students also took part in the 2020-21 Sustainability Skills survey which received over 8700 responses… Read more →

Free Accredited Auditing training and experience

Volunteering Opportunity – one day Interested in gaining some valuable training and experience in environmental auditing? We are offering FREE accredited auditor training -Institue of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) Approved You’ll receive a full mornings training in the requirements of environmental auditing followed by a free lunch, and then first-hand environmental auditing experience in the afternoon. No skills are… Read more →

Global Sustainability Test – Student Results

Additional material Estela Castelli Florino Pilz Projects and Community Management at Sulitest The University of Worcester has already more than proven its commitment to building a sustainable future with its many community and environmental projects leading to the acquisition of several awards. As Sustainability Institution of the Year in 2019 with a High Commendation in the International Green Gown Awards… Read more →

Carbon Literacy On-line Training

The University of Worcester is collaborating with Sanctuary Group and Worcester Students’ Union to make Carbon Literacy training available to staff, students and customers across both organisations. Carbon Literacy training is an opportunity to learn about the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprints. During the training, we will… Read more →

Cost of Living Energy Saving Tips For Students

Cost of Living Energy Saving Tips For Students written by Daniel Bridges and edited by Heather Sykes On the evening of Tuesday 24th of January, I had the pleasure of interviewing a retired local engineer, Paul Brohan. Paul, being an engineer by trade, understands the energy crisis we face better than most. A key member of Transition Worcester’s Energy group, helps… Read more →