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Carbon Literacy On-line Training

The University of Worcester is collaborating with Sanctuary Group and Worcester Students’ Union to make Carbon Literacy training available to staff, students and customers across both organisations. The next course is running November/December 2023 contact for booking details. Carbon Literacy training is an opportunity to learn about the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the steps we… Read more →

PPE and its impact on the environment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used to help limit the spread of infectious diseases to others and the wearer. It is widely used throughout healthcare sectors which come into contact with blood and other bodily fluids. Studies suggest that if each person in the UK wore a single-use face mask every day for 1 year, over 66,000 tonnes of unrecyclable plastic waste would be generated. Read more →


Simple, delicious, vegetarian sandwich ideas – with a twist!

Instead of letting your fridge food go to waste, put it to good use with some of these weird yet wonderful sandwich ideas. Vegetarian sandwich ideas by University of Worcester students Ashleigh Osborne (Words) and Joe Toft (Digital Media) Sammies in your Jammies was the Go Green Week event I was most looking forward to. We were promised 5 wacky sandwiches… Read more →

How to travel more sustainably and get to your lectures 21x faster

How to travel more sustainably by University of Worcester student Joseph Foster (BA English Literature, Year 2) How to travel more sustainably Everyone wishes they could get to where they are going just that little bit faster. In our city, we’re really not much different. Congestion has been an issue in Worcester for a long time and it has a… Read more →

Time to be craftivists!

Another workshop I attended today was Creative Activism (We are all craftivists!), which certainly appealed to me because getting a point across in a creative way is more beneficial. Inclusion was the main theme of creative activism! Stitch-ins are a very popular way of getting a point across. Stitch-in have happened when activists gathered in a busy train terminal campaigning… Read more →

Could I help to change my course?

During the Bristol Student Sustainability Summit, I had a workshop about how to incorporate sustainability into our curriculum and help change my course. Its not as long- winded as it sounds! We started off learning about how the university, the students union are all involved when it comes to sustainability, but how do we use them? We learned about the… Read more →

Painting your pathway to Green Jobs: Sustainability

Workshop number two at Bristols Student Sustainability Summit! This workshop caught my eye, not only have I now developed my knowledge about sustainability, Charlotte and Josh from IEMA’s, (The Institute of Enviromental Management and Assessment) words opened up many eyes today at the summit. Revealing the many paths we may take in my future. IEMA explores: ‘transforming the world to sustainability’ This is… Read more →

Healthy Planet Healthy People

Earthlings I am lucky enough to be at my Second Student Sustainability Summit lead by EAUC, People and Planet and NUS. Being brought together, student with student we questioned: Is there a link between health, well being and sustainability? There is a link. However if only weak: we will for the two to merge. As people of our planet there increased… Read more →

Reflections from The Eden Project visit!

On 9th October, a few from our team ventured out to the Eden Project in Cornwall for the European launch of Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS). Sir Tim Smit Eden Project creator opened the event and Jonathan Porritt both gave inspirational and rousing talks,  it was such a blessing to hear passionate words of wisdom from such renowned environmentalists. They encouraged us to… Read more →

Skills for Tomorrow, yours, mine, our tomorrow!

One place, one message: a whole gathering of young people whose interests are sparked in hope of a more sustainable future. Skills for tomorrow held at the University of Worcester acted as the first step for some, and the next step for many young KS3 students. As schools were brought together they collaboratively and interactively learnt more about the environment; how to make Worcester their… Read more →

Skills for tomorrow: A Good Morrow!

Another student blog, this time from students at The Chase school. They brought me over a piece of fudge from the handmade, home made Ruby’s Kitchen. How sweet! They were enthusiastic about the environment and brought me fudge! Yummy! I am now passing over too them! … Goodmorrow earthlings 😉 It is Natalie, Amy, Meg, Mia and Eloise here! Today… Read more →

Skills For Tomorrow: Friday Round Up

Around 150 pupils from schools in the region took to Riverside campus to learn about sustainable projects, as the Skills For Tomorrow event entered its second day. Students between 11 and 14 from Baverstock, River School, Christopher Whitehead, The Chase and Perry Beeches attended the day, where a range of a different workshops and stalls were available to help them learn about… Read more →