SusThingsOut’s impacts through Social media

SusThingsOut (STO) is a multi-media platform, spanning from the website to social media platforms like Instagram and more recently, TikTok. All these platforms serve a different purpose when it comes to educating people about sustainability on and off campus.

In the last calendar year, SusThingsOut has amassed 4500 new viewers on the website. With the highest number of visitors coming just after Go Green Week (GGW). From February 18th to the 25th we had over 700 site visits. We can surmise many viewers are local. They are attracted to our page to find out more about the on-campus activities during this time. Perhaps bolstered by the lovely interview our students did on local radio. Or the chance to sign up via Eventbrite for our free workshops, activities and seminars. The use of this platform was also new for this year. We saw spikes in visits immediately following the BBC Herford and Worcester radio broadcast. The use of Eventbrite also expanded our reach with our online workshop attendees from Weymouth, Shropshire and Nottingham.

Local and global impacts.

The University of Worcester sustainability pages have also seen an increase in visits this year. Over 6000 people accessing these resources to further their sustianability knowledge. The majority of STO of users, 1400, are also from the UK. But our reach doesn’t stop at the campus gates. With viewers from China, Poland, and The USA. Views have just over doubled from last year. It is safe to say our website’s impact is expanding.

How our social media helps.

Our social media platforms are also gaining traction with our TikTok gaining 83 followers in just three days. From showing off our therapy dogs to the local wildlife. TikTok is a new content format that drastically contrasts the long-written format of our website. But it is not so different from our Instagram which has been up and running since 2017. With 668 followers and over 500 posts, it is a great format to teach people about sustainable living in short and snappy content.

Social media is amazing to help spread a message. When it is used right, it is far easier to gain views or go viral on platforms like TikTok than it is to get people to visit a website. Social media can help to build a following of like-minded people who are eager to help change the world. Once those people find us, it is also more likely they will spend time looking at our links and long-form content. 1300 of our readers come from referrals, which means people clicking on links from other sites and social media. Our website and Social pages work in harmony to help grow a following on all the different platforms. But most importantly help spread a message so you, our viewers live a greener more sustainable life. Or as our tagline proclaims, Change Today to Protect Tomorrow.

What you can do to get involved.

While here at STO we are incredibly proud of the work, there is one issue. The key to growing any platform is consistency. As our content is co-created with student staff, we are often writing posts alongside dissertations and other part-time jobs. This rarely leaves our team with time to post two to three times a week. Which is required to build engagement on social platforms. This means we often lose out on the momentum that comes with our busiest time of year Go Green Week. GGW falls right as third years begin to work on final projects and put all their effort into the final leg of their degree. Most of our current writers and social media creators are third-years. So this might be where you can help out. STO is hiring, any University of Worcester students with a passion for sustainability and creativity are welcome to apply, click here.

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