Hi guys!

Our names are Abbie and Millie and we take a interest in sport and science. We go to Aston Fields Middle School. we are 13 and best friends.


So today we explored the wonders of University of Worcester and learnt many new things we did not know previously. It was a real eye opener and we experienced the reality of a day in the life of someone in the science industry. We liked the ice cream stall the best as we learnt a lot about his produce and we got to taste gluten free ice cream which was really nice.

We  have been to a few workshops which helped us understand the  problems that cars are producing. We also got to design a frozen product and learn what ingredients are used to make our everyday favourite little treat.

We both are sports captains at our school and we both would like to learn more about what we can do about our sporting future. We both couldn’t achive what we have done today if it wasn’t for our p.e teacher Mr Molesworth who has gave us amazing sports opportunities and letting us help out with inspiring other people with sport .

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