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Katy has led the development of wide ranging sustainability initiatives at the University of Worcester in her role as director of sustainability. Her work focuses on the campus, working in the community and embedding sustainability in the curriculum. Overseeing the development of students as partners on major sustainability change programs and building sustainability skills with students and student volunteers Katy’s work has won a number of national and international awards. Katy is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the EAUC. Katy represents the University on Worcestershire's Local Nature Partnership and Worcestershire Climate Change Strategy Group and is a member of the SuLiTest UK Steering Group. Katy's research interests include frameworks for measuring sustainability culture in Higher Education, managing energy in student rented homes, an online magazine for students, academics and practitioners to engage students in sustainable development and developing bike share schemes.

Sustainability Scores Soar in Student and Staff Survey

Words by Heather Sykes, Creative Writing and Illustration Student. Graphs by Aleksandr Mäeots, Film Production Student. Further material was written by Dr Sian Evans. Survey Highlights In 2021-2022 and again in the 2022-2023 academic years, the university asked students and staff about sustainability knowledge and awareness, this is a longitudinal study going back a number of years so we can… Read more →

Free Accredited Auditing training and experience

Volunteering Opportunity – one day Interested in gaining some valuable training and experience in environmental auditing? We are offering FREE accredited auditor training -Institue of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) Approved You’ll receive a full mornings training in the requirements of environmental auditing followed by a free lunch, and then first-hand environmental auditing experience in the afternoon. No skills are… Read more →

Carbon Literacy On-line Training

The University of Worcester is collaborating with Sanctuary Group and Worcester Students’ Union to make Carbon Literacy training available to staff, students and customers across both organisations. Carbon Literacy training is an opportunity to learn about the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprints. During the training, we will… Read more →

Image in the foreground of a piece of cardboard, with 'Re-home your clothes on campus' written on it. In the background is a British Heart Foundation donation bank, located outside the student union

Concerned about the clothing crisis? Re-home your clothes on campus

‘Concerned about the clothing crisis? Re-home your clothes on campus’ written by Dominic Parry, edit and images by Becky Adams. Re-home your clothes on campus Giving your clothes a second lease on life is a great way to get rid of your unwanted clothes, and also help the environment. You can easily re-home your clothes on campus at the University of Worcester, using the British… Read more →


Concerned about the clothing crisis? Wash care stops the wear and tear.

When we discuss fashion’s effect on the environment, we rarely look to our everyday chores as the culprit. When we carelessly wash our clothes, we diminish their quality against the advice right before our eyes. We weaken the elastic, the cloth, and the overall durability. By understanding how to treat different fabrics and garments we can tackle the negative environmental effects of fast fashion as we wear our clothes longer and don’t feel the need to buy more.     Read more →

Image of a washing machine, containing miscellaneous items made of plastic, including plastic bottles and plastic bags. In the centre of the image is a piece of cardboard with 'Reduce your plastic pollution' written on it

Concerned about the clothing crisis? Reduce your plastic pollution

‘Concerned about the clothing crisis? Reduce your plastic pollution’ written by Trudi Holland, edit and images by Becky Adams Three easy tips to reduce your plastic pollution with your wardrobe  Did you know that you could be wearing plastic clothes? Almost 70% of fabrics produced today contain microplastics – tiny plastic particles, which shed every time we wash our clothes. They are far… Read more →

Image of a person in a green cardigan, holding a cardboard sign with "Hold your favourite brands accountable' written on it

Concerned about the clothing crisis? Hold your favourite brands accountable

‘Concerned about the clothing crisis? Hold your favourite brands accountable’ written by Hannah Edgar, edit and images by Becky Adams Hold your favourite brands accountable We can shop more ethically by making smart choices about the clothing brands that we support, and holding fashion brands accountable for their sustainable actions. Or lack thereof. The fashion industry is the second biggest… Read more →


Concerned about the clothing crisis? Create a capsule wardrobe.

You can start your sustainability journey with the clothes you already own by creating a capsule wardrobe! With the help of useful apps and your own fashion intuition, you can streamline your wardrobe with timeless pieces that keep you always on trend. By keeping your wardrobe limited but versatile, a capsule wardrobe enables you to start making mindful decisions as a consumer of the fashion industry, whilst fighting fast fashion’s negative impact on the environment. Read more →

How did Covid-19 Affect Staff and Student Travel in 2020?

How did Covid-19 Affect Staff and Student Travel in 2020? by University of Worcester Digital Creative Assistants, Becky Adams and Amber Horne How do staff and students of the University of Worcester travel? Student and staff travel surveys have been conducted to assess the impact of Covid-19 on travel habits. Respondents to the survey were lower than previous years, and… Read more →

Students organising for sustainability – sustainability skills survey 2019-2020

Recent survey reveals Worcester students’ attitudes towards sustainable development Take a look at the results of the sustainability skills survey here. Take a quick survey to tell us how you like to be surveyed! Undertaken in November 2020, the 11th SOS-UK nationwide student skills survey has provided an important insight into student attitudes towards sustainable development. This year the… Read more →

Go Green Week 2020

Go Green Week returned for the 10th year running! Ran by the University of Worcester’s first year an introduction to sustainability students’ and the sustainability department the week taught attendees ways to live more sustainably and promotes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) created by the United Nations. All thanks to the hard work of volunteers, several stalls, special guests,… Read more →

Student and Staff Commitment to sustainability 2017-2019

Changes in the University of Worcester’s student and staff attitudes to sustainability is shown through a report which draws on findings from a series of surveys from the last three years. The questionnaires that took place between 2017 and 2019 gives a gradual movement towards a fuller understanding of the University’s sustainability activities and greater personal sustainable practice amongst students… Read more →