The view of the children of Skills for Tomorrow – Day Two! #SfT

For the second day today, I get to enjoy the help of the amazing students visiting us at Riverside for Skills for Tomorrow!

Here are some of the highlights of the day that they are eager to share with everyone!


Hi ! We are from CWLC and our names are Teegan, Caitlin and Ellie.


Today we are doing three workshops about sustainability and our future. So far we have  learnt about looking after our world and we had to produce a poster about taking care of the environment and the wildlife. Our poster was about plastic bags and how they can kill water creatures, which is really sad. We have enjoyed Skills for Life so far, it was a good experience which could influence our lives and even our future jobs. We have also enjoyed learning about interesting things which will happen in the future and how Worcester will look in 10 years time. We are looking forward to the rest of the day!


Jake Eyre, Kieran Walker, Connor Williams, Nathan Lynas


We arrived at school at 7:50 today. We were all exited to get away from lessons however we were all tired. We got on the bus that would give a claustrophobic person a nightmare. After the hour drive, anything looked good to us. Especially the university. We were welcomed by pens, stickers and badges and friendly faces. We felt really welcomed. After the introduction we got into our groups. Then we headed to our workshops. PB’s first one was about world sustainability. We also did a quiz. It was creative way of learning new things. We also created posters about environmental consumption. Once we finished our workshop we went outside to have a relaxing break. We then proceeded to the exibition hall. There we made some fudge and we also had a go at repairing a space time continium with glue and a clamp. We programmed our own creatures to jump and walk on java. And now we are writing this blog.


Amy and Katie from the River School.

Katie- I have really enjoyed today’s experience and have found it very interesting. I especially enjoyed learning about Global Warming and the harm it is to the enviroment. I am very looking forward to the rest of the day’s activities and experiences and telling friends and family.


Amy – When we arrived we went tho the big meeting room where all the other schools were and had a bit of an opening session for the day. After that we went off into our groups and on to do a tourism workshop, which is probably the best part of the day so far. We then had a break and we went to another workshop where we looked at global warming. I am really looking forward to the rest of Skills for Tomorrow and can not wait to tell my friends and family all about it.

Will and John from The Chase


We arrived in Worcester University and entered into a big hall, where we had an introduction to the workshops we would be visiting today. We started off discussing food and how efficient for the environment and cost efficient we can make a sweet treat be. We tried to design our own sweet which was really fun. Later, after we have had a break, we delved into tourism and how we can make sites appealing without interfering with the natural environment in a negative way. After that we learnt about affecting consumption and how to help the world become a more eco-friendly place and reduce CO2 emissions. We just had lunch, which was nice, and then in the exhibition hall we helped make fudge and now we are typing this blog up! It’s been a fantastic day so far and we have learned a lot from it!



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  1. Jasmine - University Sustainability Mentor
    June 6, 2015 at 11:13 am

    All of the students that attended Skills for Tomorrow that we saw in the Sustainable Food Workshop did brilliantly, on both days of the event they responded to the presentation and tasks with enthusiasm and creativity.

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