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New disease poses a threat to oaks in city’s woods

The local newspaper announced last week that oak diseases are now a threat to local trees. Will the Midlands landscape be altered forever? Come to a fascinating lunchtime talk from Ewan Calcott, Forestry Commission North West & West Midlands Area manager.  Ewan will tell us exactly what this threat is and he will explain  about sustainable forest management and planning.… Read more →

Podcast, getting a graduate job in the UK

Change Agents place graduates in sustainability jobs in the UK.

The sustainability sector is growing and many employers are looking for graduates with skills and experience.

Worcester has many opportunities within the curriculum and in extra curricula projects such as Go Green Week for students to gain these skills. A survey by recruiters Acre in July 2012 found that average salaries in sustainability jobs in the UK rose to £56,360, an increase of 14% since 2009.

Find out what you can do while at university to gain the skills that make you a great applicant for sustainability jobs in the UK by listening to our podcast.

Sarah Hooper is from Change Agents UK.

susthingsout talks to Claire Bridges about helping students get jobs in Worcestershire

Claire Bridges, operations manager at Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (WLEP), explains how LEPs were created in 2011 as an instrument of Government to spearhead local economic growth, enterprise and job creation.

The WLEP has produced a business plan which is the delivery focus for the country. But the government has now set increased responsibilities and ambitions for each LEP. Amongst the new challenges, one of it will be the integration of sustainability principles.

Listen to our podcast to find out how WLEP helps students get jobs in Worcestershire and how you can get employability skills through sustainability projects across the University of Worcester.

For more information please contact Katy Boom, Director of Environmental Sustainability, University of Worcester, email

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