Go Green Week- Day One (Nature)

Day one of Go Green Week is now finished and here is my first blog! With the support of the lovely sunny weather in Worcester today it was really pleasant.

Sunshine in Worcester Uni

Sunshine in Worcester Uni

The milk float looks smashing with its new outfit, made entirely from recycled materials.


The stalls were busy in the Students Union and all the daisy seeds were given away (I am quite sad that I could not get my hands on one). The campus was made even cleaner thanks to the litter pick initiative and the Energize Worcester guys are working hard on their art.

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There are 67 entries in the protograph cometition already!!!


I even managed to get one of the international students who is with us for her semester abroad. The lovely Jessica Engwall, who is currently undertaking Education Studies joint us from Malmo University, Sweden. She was kind to share her views on Sustainability and the University of Worcester with me under the warm sunshine. Here are some of her comments:


Q: You are an international student and you are here for just one semester. Do you notice the sustainability initiatives on campus? What do you think? Is our campus sustainable?

A: Well, yes. Like, in the halls- you can recycle and I have seen some advice on posters as to how to reduce the energy you use. So, I have seen a bit but still I have been here only a week so I have not seen that much yet.

Q: As a student, are you interested in sustainability yourself?

A: Yes, I am. I have actually studied it before. I took a module on that back in Sweden. I believe it is really important and it is not something we can choose to be interested in. I think, it is something that we have to work on all the time.

Q: As a student who comes from another country what suggestions would you have for The University of Worcester in relation to sustainability?

A: Well, I think that sustainability is about different levels. It is when we live our lives. We have to always have it in mind and talk about it. We cannot always buy new things, for example, we can reuse some things. And in relation to campus, I believe it is about how the campus itself is built up, how the system is working. And also what is taught in modules.

Q: Did you know that the University actually has a sustainability module? Actually the first year students who are on that module are conducting Go Green Week.

A: No, I did not. However, I think that both the module and Go Green Week are a great idea. In addition, I believe that it should be implemented in every module. I think it is very important in relation to economics and business.


I hope everyone is enjoying Go Green Week, I know I am. I wish good luck to the first year students who are working hard on the events and cannot wait for tomorrow- Food and Health!

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