Painting your pathway to Green Jobs: Sustainability

Workshop number two at Bristols Student Sustainability Summit!

This workshop caught my eye, not only have I now developed my knowledge about sustainability, Charlotte and Josh from IEMA’s, (The Institute of Enviromental Management and Assessment) words opened up many eyes today at the summit. Revealing the many paths we may take in my future.

IEMA explores:

‘transforming the world to sustainability’

This is though Mega-Trend’s such as increased ideas of cycling and use of energy in the future. Company’s NEED to plan for these. Thought’s about consequences and limiting unintended impacts through sustainable business behaviours:

inclusivity, accountability, engagement.

There are benefits and opportunities, example for M&S’s Plan A invested into sustainability practice’s looking at widor sectors.

Organisations working with IEMA found initially that only 13% believed they had sustainability related skills in their business and only 2% believed their suppliers held these skills. There is a need for these skills in businesses in order for figures to heighten!

The top eight individual sustainability skills according to Josh Fothergill are as follows:


One to four of top sustainability skills (read left to right): People skills, lead change, personal integrity, business knowledge.


Sustainability skills in numbers five to eight (read left to right): Build partnerships, Innovative mind, courage, sustainability itself

And the ninth:


These skills are key to not just sustainability specific jobs, however should be applied to all careers. We should always use these skills, and everyone should aspire towards our intended career.

Talking to many other students, their aspirations are very similar to one another’s. Their choice and aspirations for sustainability jobs are to not only ‘save the world’ but they are focused that their small changes they can make in businesses could be impactive and revelant in the new ever changing future world that is in fact:


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