Advice for novice cyclists in Worcester

If you are contemplating starting to cycle, what do you need to pay attention to in Worcester?

I would recommend to plan your route in advance – use the city maps or google maps to find the cycling paths and lanes.

Cycling is the healthiest when done outside the rush hours, so also plan your timing. If you have to go when the roads are full of cars and vans think about wearing a cycling mask to reduce inhaling polluted air.

When cycling in the traffic, safety is important – make yourself visible to drivers by wearing light coloured clothes and I’d definitely recommend a reflective hi-vis, switch on the lights on your bike from dusk on.  Or think about having them on all the time, like cars. Wearing a helmet may reduce injuries if you happen to fall off your bike – whilst it isn’t obligatory I would recommend you wear a helmet for cycling.

When  in the traffic, your intentions must be clear to the others, especially cars and buses, because they cannot so quickly manoeuvre as cyclists. Use hand signs to indicate in good time which way you want to turn and act accordingly.

If you are unsure about your cycling skills, a bit of practice can help you ride safely and feel more confident in the traffic. You can also view the UK Highway Code .

Another interesting guide giving many useful tips  is the non lawyers guide to cycling.  This guide contains lots of helpful information on cycling such as:

Why we should encourage it as more sustainable mode of transport.

Covering important highway codes and rules every cyclist should know.

Tips on improving safety.

And other useful tips and resources.

Happy cycling!

Author: Kati Kurucz

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