Now lets have the children’s view of Skills for Tomorrow! Day One #SfT

As the children visiting us for Skills for Tomorrow #SfT drifted around the exhibition hall, I managed to get some of them to help me do this blog.

Below are the first attempts of my assistants at blogging. I asked them to tell me about the day that they have had so far. And in turn, I helped them publish their very own first blog entry!

Rheanne Shirley and Emma Hobson

Turves Green Girls School


First we did a geography workshop, in this workshop we learnt about affects on the world and how quick we are using the the worlds resources. We got to be creative by making our own campaigns on how we can try and persuade people to reduce the amount of resources they are using. They used figures on how different places in the world are using their percentage of the resources. We then went into the exhibition hall and discovers many other activities to do and keep us busy, we liked the 100% electric car.

Esther, Becca, Aoife & Emily M

 St Bede’s Middle School


The first workshop we participated in was about making and designing a food product to sustain environmental peace and lower cost/Carbon cost release. We also got to design our own product (food) and packaging; it was very fun. The helpers were very helpful too and encouraged us to do think about the carbon footprint of our food.

We then went to the second activity which was about consumerism and we designed posters provoking thoughts on how we can help others.

 Alice and Carissa

St Bede’s middle school


The first workshop we attended was the visitors centre, we had to choose where the best place was for it to go. We then designed our own  sweet and ours was called yummy yums. After we did the geography quiz and we made a poster showing an aeroplane killing birds/ animals because of pollution. So walk to school!! We have really enjoyed are time so far.! We liked it all.

Lintu tom and Eva Dodd

St Bede’s Catholic Middle School


The first workshop we did was a group work where we had to design a visitor centre with our group it was challenging as we had to figure out where to put it and how to draw it on a map. The second workshop we went to the food workshop where we had to design our own food and how much it will cost and the design. In our third works how we did a quiz and we drew a poster about pollution affecting our planet. Overall we have enjoyed the day so far and we have also enjoyed seeing the University!

Are they not brilliant! Thank you all so much for sharing your experience from the day so far! And I will be back tomorrow for the second day of Skills for Tomorrow!

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  1. Ruxandra Ciobotaru
    June 5, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    I really enjoyed the event and all the useful stuff I have learned about environmental industry. The children were highly engaged in the workshops and most of them said that they had a great time and look foreward for the next simmilar events.

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