Earth Day at The Hive

Green Impact Project Assistants helped with activities at The Hive’s annual Earth Day celebrations. Written by Katy Boom. Edited by Rosie Bramwell.

Green Impact Project Assistants helped with a range of Go Green Week activities at The Hive’s annual Earth Day celebrations and the launch of their Sustainability Festival. This extremely successful event, a highlight in their calendar, attracted around 350 families, or around 1,000 people. This represented over 22% higher than the number of visitors from the 3 previous Saturdays.

Activities included making hedgehogs from pine cones.

This activity showed visitors how to easily create conditions in your garden to make it hedge-hog friendly.

Activities included bird drawing classes following this useful video created by Digital Creative Assistant Heather Sykes. Drawing onto blank postcards meant people could post their efforts to friends and family members, including a message about how much they had learnt and enjoyed their visit.

Families also learnt how to re-purpose old duvet covers and nurses uniforms into bunting.

Lovely event lots of smiley helpful people.”

Heather’s bird drawing class is available here and on through the link in our Instagram bio: @uw_sustain

Check out our Green Living in Worcester post to see what steps we can take to make a change to the climate!

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