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‘A Radical Shift is Required’ to save the NHS!

Chair of the NHS Confederation says that ‘A Radical Shift is Required’ in order to save our NHS. Lord Victor Adebowale CBE is back for the annual Worcester Cathedral and University of Worcester Lecture: “Is the NHS sick?”. Written by Rosie Bramwell. Graphics by Lovro Fučkar. Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, is coming to Worcester on the 3rd October for the… Read more →

Illustration of pie chart showing percentage of responses from first, second and third year students

Sustainability Skills Survey: Worcester Students Given A Voice

Sustainability Skills Survey: Worcester Students Given a Voice. Written by Sian Evans and Rosie Bramwell. Graphics by Fay Askew. According to a recent Sustainability Skills Survey, there is more to choosing which University to attend than just the campus and various courses it has to offer. At the start of the 2022/2023 academic year, NUS hosted a Sustainability Skills Survey.… Read more →

Image of the front entrance to the Sheila Scott building with a building sign on the wall

Can the Digital Twin identify energy inefficiencies on campus?

Students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute used Digital Twin technology to observe current energy usage and inefficiencies on campus. Written by Rosie Bramwell. How can energy usage be improved at the University of Worcester? Four students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) set up a research project in the Sheila Scott building on the St Johns campus. These students worked on… Read more →

The Fold: “how inappropriate land use can damage soils”

The University of Worcester works with a local community farm, The Fold, to help spread the message on how inappropriate land use can damage soils. Written by Katy Boom. Edited by Rosie Bramwell. Globally, the most frequent cause of hunger is poverty. Supporting students in a cost-of-living crisis means looking at the food source. Helping them to grow their produce… Read more →

Three students, one in waders standing in Duck Brook, a second holding a tray with water samples in, the thrird recording data on a phone

Students monitor the local aquatic ecosystem in Duck Brook

University of Worcester’s geography students visited Duck Brook to help the City Council and local environmental groups monitor the local aquatic ecosystem. Written by Katy Boom and Dr Sian Evans. Edited by Rosie Bramwell. Duck Brook is next to the University Playing fields in Battenhall, Worcester, just a 40-minute walk from the St Johns Campus. For 8 years, geography students… Read more →