Go Green Week in Worcester – April 2017

Love Food Hate Waste Feeding 1000 people

Love Food Hate Waste Feeding 1000 people

Students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester Massachusetts USA and the University of Worcester built on a ‘Go Green Week’ model used by the University (UK) promoting sustainability through activities. Students conducted pre and post Go Green Week surveys to evaluate their efforts.  Most citizens surveyed said  they were aware of sustainability practices and 93 participants “strongly agree” that it is important to conserve natural resources for future generations.  However in the post events evaluation when asked if they were familiar with any of the sustainable organizations involved in Go Green Week prior respondents had mixed results demonstrating that efforts still need to be made within the community to promote sustainable practices of businesses, organizations, and charities.

sustianable practices



The project began on Tuesday the 18th of April outside of the Guildhall. Centred on an event run by the Love Food Hate Waste called ‘Feed the 1000’, to highlight excessive food wastage. The food handed out during the event represented the average amount of food a UK family of four wastes every year. The event attracted passing citizens by offering free food samples and giving pre stamped Loyalty cards which encouraged them to join in events throughout the week. The Mayor Councillor Paul Denham, was an enthusiastic supporter.



The events took place at both the Guildhall and CrownGate Shopping Centre. Featuring Climate Change works of art specifically commissioned for Go Green Week and two interactive pieces, allowing anyone to join in painting, colouring or collaging.  One piece is on permanent display in Worcester Arts Workshop,  The  ‘sustainability fairs’ involved local charities, the Police, and councils encompassing a broad range of activities, and awareness raising in subjects as diverse as health and well-being, energy saving at home, recycling information, composting, carnival games made from re-use items, cycle sales and bike safety and Marks & Spencer clothes swap for vouchers to spend in store.

Community litter picking along the river Severn concentrated on cigarette butts and these were sent off to be recycled into new products through a company called TerraCycle. Go Green Week ended on ‘Earth Day’ Saturday, April 22nd free chilli plants were handed and the prize draw took place for all the fantastic items donated by sustainable business supporting the week, see below for organisations involved.

Listen to a presentation about the week including videos Presentation about the planning and delivery of the first Go Green Week in Worcester City Centre.  Post your comments below to let us know your thoughts.

 We would like to thank the following businesses for donating material items for the Go Green Week:

Marks & Spencer
Wayland’s Yard
The Body Shop
Worcester Resource Exchange
Odeon Cinema Worcester
Knowles Sports
Toys and Games of Worcester
Fragrance House
Grape Tree
The Postal Order Restaurant
Flying Tiger

We would like to thank the following businesses, charities, and organizations for their participation: 

Worcester Roots Foundation
Worcester Resource Exchange
Love Food Hate Waste
Weir Waste
Worcester Arts Workshop
Second Chance Furnishings
Worcestershire Wellbeing Hub
Marks & Spencer
Francini Café de Colombia
Wayland’s Yard
Coffee #1

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