Students sign up for sustainability!

In the 2021-22 academic year, around 100 students signed up to become involved in the University’s sustainability activities throughout the year. 

Gabi Svedaite and Joseph Horgan getting involved in Go Green Week 2022

In order to both help promote sustainability and enhance their CVs, opportunities to sign up for paid jobs, volunteering activities and placements were popular.  The other most popular choice (62% signing up) was involvement in Go Green Week in February 2022 and other fun sustainability events.  Around half of those signing up were also keen on involvement with the University allotment and Fairtrade promotion.

Other opportunities offered that students selected included involvement in Student Switch Off and environmental/sustainability auditing, to support the University’s Responsible Futures recognition for its sustainability work.  Those with journalism and digital creative media backgrounds have been involved in producing posts for the University’s digital sustainability magazine, Susthingsout, and social media campaigns

There are continuing opportunities for involvement in the University’s sustainability work:

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