Woo Bike Testimonial- Dan Johnson

Woo Bike Share provides University of Worcester’s staff and students a convenient and low cost way to travel and exercise. In 2018, 50 electric e-bikes were added to the University’s fleet of 50 pedal bikes, totaling to 100 bikes available for use.

A few students and staff at the University of Worcester participated in a one-week Woo Bike test trial of the electric e-bikes, and agreed to share their experiences.

Our first testimonial from this one-week trial is Dan Johnson, a journalism lecturer at the University of Worcester.

Name: Dan Johnson

Age: 46

E-Bike Model: City

Staff or Student: Staff

Journey Types: Commute to and from campus, and around Worcester

What did you enjoy about riding a Woo bike?

It just puts a smile on your face. Having that power boost is like having someone push you along, which made it really good fun. The Woo bike is simple since it has no gears, so it’s just peddling. With stopping and starting, the boost really helps.

Why did you want to try out the Woo bike?

Curiosity. I like cycling and I’d like to do it more.

What are the advantages of riding a Woo bike?

I live in an area full of hills, and I think having that power on the bike makes you want to use it more because you know it’s not going to be as much of a struggle as it usually is. It takes the edge off of cycling for me, and they’re great for getting around town quickly.

Were there any challenges when riding a Woo bike?

The saddle is quite big, which is different than what I am used to. So it took a bit of getting used to, but it was comfortable.

Would you recommend Woo bikes to other cyclists or those wanting to begin cycling?

Yes, I would. It’s a very simple bike to ride, and it is ideal for beginners.

Any additional/relevant comments of your personal experience with the Woo bike?

I think it’s great that these bikes are built in Worcester, and having a partnership with the university is a great idea, and it’s nice to have bikes that are made in Worcester being used by Worcester students. It’s supporting a local company as well as being a great product.

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