Woo Bike Testimonial- Sarah Ganderton

Woo Bike Share provides University of Worcester’s staff and students a convenient and low cost way to travel and exercise. In 2018, 50 electric e-bikes were added to the University’s fleet of 50 pedal bikes, totaling to 100 bikes available for use.

A few students and staff at the University of Worcester participated in a one-week Woo Bike test trial of the electric e-bikes, and agreed to share their experiences.

Our testimonial this week comes from Sarah Ganderton, an ILS Advisor at the Hive at the University of Worcester.

Name: Sarah Ganderton

Age: 40

E-Bike Model: City

Staff or Student: Staff

Journey Types: From home to the Hive to work, up Ronkswood for a hospital appointment, along the river for a little trip and one day to Birmingham University on the train where I am studying to try out using it in a different environment.

What did you enjoy about riding a Woo bike?

I enjoyed the freedom to go places I wouldn’t go alone walking, and went much further than I dared on foot, especially if I knew it was downhill all the way home.

Why did you want to try out the Woo bike?

I wanted to try it out because I am thinking of buying an e bike for myself.

What are the advantages of riding a Woo bike?

The freedom to go up hills and not think about it or train for it.

Were there any challenges when riding a Woo bike?

Going uphill- I practiced and remember to keep pedaling because when you stop you stop.

Would you recommend Woo bikes to other cyclists or those wanting to begin cycling?

I definitely would, it was fun and easy to use.

Is it important to have access to a bike share scheme? Why/Why not? Yes, it’s a great way to get around, keep fit but not be exhausted and not have to use petrol then find a parking space.

Any additional/relevant comments of your personal experience with the Woo bike?

I really enjoyed taking the bike on the train to Birmingham and being able to go further than I ever have before and see new sights. It made me brave.

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