Zero waste living – visit Worcester’s zero waste shop ‘Pack It In’

Zero waste living with Worcester’s own zero waste shop

Visit Worcester’s zero waste shop ‘Pack It In’ by University of Worcester Students Debbie Andrews (Words) and Ira Spiridonova (Digital Media)

Watch the video for a tour of Worcester’s zero waste shop Pack It In


Pack It In

As more of us become interested in sustainable living, zero waste shops are on the rise. Also known as a refill shops, these shops enable you to avoid single use plastic altogether. This is done through selling loose ingredients in paper bags or in the customers own containers.

Worcester has its very own zero waste shop called Pack It In. Pack It In sells a wide range of products. From grains, baking ingredients and herbs, to personal care and home products, Pack It In sells everything you need. This makes it the perfect spot for all lovers of sustainability!

They also offer 10% discount for University of Worcester students, deliveries and recepie ideas on their website.

The perfect spot for sustainable cooking enthusiasts

With a wide range of ingredients available in store in any quantity needed, Pack It In is great for sustainable cooking enthusiasts. Pack It In even has free recipes available on its website. Try selecting a range of food items and having a go at making vegan pancakes or black bean and quinoa chilli in your kitchen. You can even upload photos of your creations to social media!

There is something for everyone (and their pets)

Pack It In is home to products such as reusable bamboo wipes, natural deodorants, and even dog shampoo bars. There is something for everyone (and their pets!). Take a look at Pack It In’s website here to browse through the many sustainable products they have for sale.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any containers or bottles to use in store. Pack It In has free ones to use on your first visit, so take your student ID card and visit Worcester’s zero waste shop Pack It In.

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