Skills for Tomorrow: St. Bede’s Conquer Worcester!

Skills for Tomorrow: St. Bede’s Conquer Worcester!

Second blog of the day at Skills for Tomorrow from the helpful students at St. Beads school.

They were keen to help me with writing their own blog on here as they too have learnt so much from workshops they have taken part in. This group bubbly as ever, talked in detail about their day so far!

Below is the students blog post, written by them soley! Educational, and humorous!

I pass it to the students…

Hello, this is Ellie, Isabella, Leah, Romaya and Phean. We are from St Bedes Catholic Middle School in Redditch, we have learnt a great deal today, and learning about sustainability was actually… fun!

Hi this Isabella! It is now 20 past twelve and we have already done 2 workshops. I had loads of fun with creating posters and understanding the sustainability of food and how to use less carbon footprint. I would really recommend this university to anyone and I will seriously consider about coming here in the future to achieve my Geography degree. I love the world, so it would be great is we can save it: together. Thanks guys!!!


Hi its Ellie, Phean, Romaya and Leah! The paragraph you have just read took my lovely friend a little while to write. Now it is my turn to voice the opinions, thoughts and beliefs for myself and the rest of the group. I’ve taken everyones opinion of the day so far into account and so I will write this for all of us.

We have all deeply thought about our world at school but this trip has made us think more about our environment and our futures that will be affected by our decisions today. The activities are a fun way to learn and so we appreciate the thought put into the hour we had. We have had a few minutes to talk about carbon footprint and how our food today affects our world today and we can now talk more about it in our Geography lessons etc. (We can also impress by our knowledge!)


From all of us thank you and we have enjoyed our day so far!

It’s me, Morgan again! These young people are the voices of tomorrow, we can see that they have a passion, and an interest that will carry on through their lives!

That is something that makes this event worthwhile!

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Jasmine - University Sustainability Mentor
Jasmine - University Sustainability Mentor
8 years ago

All of the students engaged throughout the 2 days of the event, so it is lovely to read within this blog and others that they have learnt something from this experience and that they had fun too. It is even better to hear that some of the students wish to return to the University to study in the future.

Sophie Turner
8 years ago

It is great to see the pupils enjoying themselves and taking so much from the event. Not only have they learnt how we, Speller Metcalfe, are developing our sustainability vision within the construction industry but how the community can work together to create a more sustainable future.

Morgan Koronis
Morgan Koronis
8 years ago
Reply to  Sophie Turner

I completely agree! Thank you so much for holding your stall at the event, even though you and your team did so much more! The pupils I spoke to enjoyed the question and answer quizzes, they learnt so much! One fact that stuck was that only 1% of the worlds water supply is usable, many were utterly surprised even me! This use of fun education was an excellent idea! As well as your brilliant sustainability visions for construction, and revealing the many green careers there are out there! Thanks so much!

George Phillies
George Phillies
8 years ago

I am really glad that people have enjoyed the conference. I remember learning about geography when I was in middle school, and how trips like this inspired me to get involved with politics and geography.

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