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• Chrissy and Michael Bentley from the Farmers Overseas Action Group

Global Development in a Post-COVID-19 World

In March this year, the Department of Geography at the University of Worcester held its annual public conference that focuses on a specific theme in global development. The conference, organised collaboratively with the local Beacons Development Education Centre, was attended by students from across the university, as well as University staff, Beacons volunteers, members of the public, and representatives from… Read more →


Concerned about the clothing crisis? Wash care stops the wear and tear.

When we discuss fashion’s effect on the environment, we rarely look to our everyday chores as the culprit. When we carelessly wash our clothes, we diminish their quality against the advice right before our eyes. We weaken the elastic, the cloth, and the overall durability. By understanding how to treat different fabrics and garments we can tackle the negative environmental effects of fast fashion as we wear our clothes longer and don’t feel the need to buy more.     Read more →

Image of a washing machine, containing miscellaneous items made of plastic, including plastic bottles and plastic bags. In the centre of the image is a piece of cardboard with 'Reduce your plastic pollution' written on it

Concerned about the clothing crisis? Reduce your plastic pollution

‘Concerned about the clothing crisis? Reduce your plastic pollution’ written by Trudi Holland, edit and images by Becky Adams Three easy tips to reduce your plastic pollution with your wardrobe  Did you know that you could be wearing plastic clothes? Almost 70% of fabrics produced today contain microplastics – tiny plastic particles, which shed every time we wash our clothes. They are far… Read more →

Pile of folded clothes with white text reading cut your textile waste

Concerned about the climate crisis? Cut your textile waste

Concerned about the climate crisis? Cut your textile waste written by Dominic Parry, edited and images by Heather Sykes Clothes are a necessity; they show our personality and individual style. They can hold more value to people than a lot of other everyday items. Every year around £140 million worth of used but wearable clothes are sent to landfill. Textile… Read more →