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Eco-Media: Communicating Green Messages

Eco-Media Communicating Green Messages To a Wide Audience   John Parham is a Professor of Environment Humanities in the School of Humanities here at the University of Worcester. His research is focused on eco-media and how we can communicate green messages to a wide audience. We live in a world constantly connected. Our lives tend to consist of a lot of time… Read more →


Living Sustainably: Farming

Living Sustainably: Where does our food come from?   Dr Duncan Westbury is involved with research at the University of Worcester which contributes towards making farming more sustainable. He specialises in ‘agroecosystems’ in which farmers are encouraged to work with nature as opposed to against it – this contributes greatly towards sustainability.   Where does our food come from? An important part… Read more →

How to Make a Digital Impact; Go Green Week 2019 (Free Talk)

Build organic ranking in search engines; develop digital campaigns to share information about your services; sell your products online; attract more volunteers to sign up to campaigns. The University is providing a FREE TALK to all charities, organisations and businesses who are supporting Go Green Week, 2019 to help you with your digital presence. The session is delivered by Wendy… Read more →

Unlocking the River Severn – citizen science and young volunteers

Hello! We are students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), located in Worcester, Massachusetts in the USA. We were in Worcester, UK to complete a project as part of our degree requirements. The four of us that make up this team are in our third of four years of university. We are working with the Severn Rivers Trust (SRT) on their Unlocking the Severn project,… Read more →

E-Bike share in Worcester

Operating on the University of Worcester campus since 2012, an investment from the WLEP,  Worcestershire County Council and Worcester City Council has now blossomed into a successful bike share of 100 bikes, 50 are Gtech electric bikes. Known as Woo Bikes this 2 year pilot is investigating the impact of e-bikes to the fleet and is working with large employers… Read more →

A Review of the Energize Worcester: Phase II Project

American Students Collaborating to Combat Energy Inefficiency in Student HMO Properties For the past 8 weeks, students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the United States have been working with the University of Worcester to continue the Energize Worcester project, a sustainability project that has been going on for a few years.  The team wanted to further understand both student perceptions… Read more →

Why we need to revive our traditional orchards

Interview by Wendy Corbett. Words by Rebecca Lashley. Sound design by Kevin Jenkins. Rebecca Lashley, Worcestershire County Council’s Biodiversity Officer, discusses the ecology and wildlife of traditional orchards in Worcestershire and the work the County Council is doing to promote these ancient and valuable habitats. The boom in orchard planting and fruit production in Worcestershire throughout the 1800s and into the… Read more →

Children Learn About Sustainability at University of Worcester’s Annual Skills for Tomorrow Event

Children from across Worcestershire learnt about how they could make a difference to the environment at an annual University of Worcester-run event involving local charities and businesses. The Skills for Tomorrow event saw pupils from local schools engage in interactive activities and workshops, introducing them to a variety of real world environmental issues surrounding sustainability, and quiz businesses about their… Read more →

Citizens need key competencies for a sustainable world

There is a new discourse emerging within the education and learning for sustainability community, which argues that citizens need to have certain key competencies that allow them to engage constructively and responsibly with an increasingly complex and unsustainable world.  As one recent authorative UNESCO report suggests, ”competencies describe the specific attributes individuals need for action and self-organization in various complex contexts and… Read more →

Midlands Sustainable Education Network – emerging leaders programme

The Midlands Sustainable Education Network Leaders Programme Launched at the EAUC 2017 conference and commencing September 2017 with the initial session at Coventry University, the programme will be delivered over a 10 month period with 5 delivered content sessions and 5 ‘action learning set’ sessions throughout the year. Led by the University of Worcester  this pioneering new programme will equip emerging sustainability professionals with the essential… Read more →

Eliott and Janathan’s Gtech Review

Our Experience At The Gtech Stall We really enjoyed the Gtech presentation, especially looking at all the amazing gadgets. Our favorite gadget was the E-Bike. The Gtech E-Bike is just like a normal bike, in the sense that it is peddled in the normal way. However, this bike is assisted by a Lithium iron battery, which gives an extra boost… Read more →

Environment Audit Committee – UK Government Approach to SDG’s

ENVIRONMENT AUDIT COMMITTEE REPORT ON THE UK Government’s Approach to the Sustainable Development Goals  (SDG’s). The report (published 26th April 2017)   is very critical of the UK Government’s approach. The summary states: By adopting Agenda 2030 the Government has committed itself to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals – or the Global Goals – in the UK as well as overseas.… Read more →

Interface – Radical Sustainability

Interface is a worldwide leader in the design and production of modular flooring products that combine beauty with functionality and environmental credentials to help businesses and organisations bring their design vision to life. Interface was one of the first companies to publicly commit to sustainability, when it made its Mission Zero pledge in the mid-nineties. Mission Zero represents the company’s… Read more →

Energize Worcester – Phase II

Energize Worcester is working with local students, the National Union of Students, landlords, and Worcester, Bosch Group Ltd to tackle energy efficiency in rented student houses You can read about the successes of Phase I of the Project at Note this part of the project has now completed An exciting and valuable offer of free central heating boilers and control… Read more →

The Great Malvern Food Festival, Monday 26th May, 2014

Student Project: “Family Sustainable Cookbook” & Associated Food Demo Frugal & Local Food Demo Graphic Design students on the yr 3 Children’s Book Design module were present today at the Great Malvern Food Festival in Malvern Priory’s historic churchyard. They were there as they’ve been busy on a working prototype design project for a “Family Sustainable Cookbook” over the last… Read more →

Energy-Saving Students’ Union Project Celebrated at House of Lords Reception

Representatives of Worcester Students’ Union’s innovative Energize Worcester project attended a reception to showcase green contributions being made by students across the country at a House of Lords reception last week. The National Union of Students (NUS) parliamentary reception celebrated the positive impact of 25 projects – all of which have been supported by the NUS’s Students’ Green Fund. Using… Read more →