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Skills for Tomorrow: The Boys are back!

Third and final students blog of the day from four young men from St. Marys. Chatty as ever they told me they learnt a lot today, however below their experiences and opinions are stated! It’s much more exciting hearing their day from their own point of view! Piers, Aaron, Henry and Collumbus collaborativley crafted: We are three students from St… Read more →

Skills For Tomorrow: Thursday Round up

The Skills For Tomorrow event kicked off in style earlier today, as students from Birmingham, Herefordshire and Worcestershire schools were given the chance to learn about issues of sustainability in businesses, the ‘green’ economy and careers. The event took place at the Riverside campus of the University of Worcester and saw dozens of children aged between 11 and 14 take part in… Read more →

Skills for Tomorrow: The world of tomorrow!

Today Skills for Tomorrow is at Worcester University, an event aimed at school aged children, about everything sustainable! I have spoken to many students from different schools who are enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate about the enviroment, even at such a young age, How wonderful! I have spoken to three Students and they were keen to help me with my blog,… Read more →

Skills for Tomorrow #SfT

An amazing opportunity for the children to learn about sustainability, what it is and how important it is!  #SfT Focusing on the future- this is Skills for Tomorrow! A great variety of organisations joined us today, ranging from businesses to charities, to University of Worcester staff. Our goal- to involve school students into sustainability. Many children from different schools came… Read more →

5 memes of animals that need protecting

In the morning of the Student Sustainability Summit, I attended a workshop on Nature Loss and the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) came in and gave us an overview on their NGO with an insight into which animals need protecting. Gathering information from the workshop and their website, I will showcase some memes of animals and give a brief description of… Read more →

Are We Giving Students Enough Control At Our Universities?

With a record number of students wanting to see sustainable methods promoted in their studies (as well as getting a well-rounded education), are universities following through with the wants and needs of the people they teach? In the age of sky-high tuition fees, there’s a worry about if institutions are becoming solely involved with getting you a job at the… Read more →

Fossil Fuel: Divest Uni’s £5.2billion

£5.2 billion. That’s a huge amount of money, no matter how you look at it this. Unfortunately, this astronomic figure is the amount that British universities puts into the fossil fuel industry. This, however, this attitude is changing for the better. There’s an increasing movement to take this huge investment out of this unsustainable industry, a practice that is known… Read more →

Population: A Tale of Sex and Money

Would you believe there were 2.2 billion people living on the planet in 1946. That’s a lot, now… what would you say about that being increased to 3.6 billion in 1972? How about the 7.2 billion today? How does that impact our planet? This workshop argued how the very fast rate of population will impact our economy and environment and… Read more →

COP21- afternoon workshop

COP is a global summit aiming to resolve the issues of global warming. With recent reports becoming more and more concerning this is crucial for absolutely every person on the planet. The session focuses on the COP21 which will be held in December in Paris 2015. We started with a quite lengthy presentation of what COP is and what the… Read more →

Morning workshop- Circular Economy

I was completely right to be excited  about this workshop. It lived up to my expectations. We were packed into a room but Professor Peter Hopkinson gave fascinating  and easy to understand lecture on the circular economy telling us it’s: An economy that is restorative by intent. Like myself most of us were completely new to the concept. We were… Read more →

Behaviour Change, reach out!

You are most likley thinking that you are one person in the world, therefore why should YOU change your behaviour to be sustainable in actions, as “they won’t make a difference”. However, action of individuals produce over 40% of carbon emissions. Knowing this fact, would you then change your behaviour to be more sustainable? Dr Neil Jennings the student switch off… Read more →

Start of the Sustainability summit!

  Monday morning in the University of Leeds Students Union building. A room packed with students and delegates from all around the country. This is the atmosphere in which the Sustainability Summit is starting. #sss15 Everyone was greeted by Piers Telemacque, Vice-president: Society and Citizenship, NUS who thanked the University  of Leeds  for hosting the summit and emphasised some of the… Read more →

Sustainability Summit- Circular Economy

Just a few days from now me and the other publishing assistants will be going to Leeds Students’ Union for the first ever Sustainability Summit organised by the National Union of Students. It will be an amazing opportunity for us to catch up with fellow students on the ways in which their Universities are becoming more sustainable and we will attend… Read more →

Real Junk Food… Student Sustainability Summit

The student Sustainability Summit on the 23rd of March is fast approaching… and the Susthingsout team will be attending the event at Leeds University, which is run by the EAUC, National Union of Students (NUS) and People & Planet this sell out conference will inform and motivate students to go back to their institutions and Unions with the knowledge and motivation to put…… Read more →

Go Green Week – Repair Cafe

As part of the final day of University of Worcester’s Go Green Week events, which focused on promoting sustainable initiatives to students, Friday saw the volunteers from Malvern Hills Repair Café take over the SU in the afternoon. The theme of the final day revolved around recycling and the re-use of household good and , along with the Igloo build… Read more →