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How to travel more sustainably and get to your lectures 21x faster

How to travel more sustainably by University of Worcester student Joseph Foster (BA English Literature, Year 2) How to travel more sustainably Everyone wishes they could get to where they are going just that little bit faster. In our city, we’re really not much different. Congestion has been an issue in Worcester for a long time and it has a… Read more →

Learning about Sustainability and Cooking Pizza

Sustainability learning by cooking pizza in a wood fired oven During our training as Residential Life Team members (RLT),  were introduced to the significance and impact of the Sustainability, by the University of Worcester sustainability department. Giving us the chance to develop our skills for maintaining and protecting the environment and importantly making a positive societal impact. A fun way… Read more →

Time to be craftivists!

Another workshop I attended today was Creative Activism (We are all craftivists!), which certainly appealed to me because getting a point across in a creative way is more beneficial. Inclusion was the main theme of creative activism! Stitch-ins are a very popular way of getting a point across. Stitch-in have happened when activists gathered in a busy train terminal campaigning… Read more →

Could I help to change my course?

During the Bristol Student Sustainability Summit, I had a workshop about how to incorporate sustainability into our curriculum and help change my course. Its not as long- winded as it sounds! We started off learning about how the university, the students union are all involved when it comes to sustainability, but how do we use them? We learned about the… Read more →