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Security observation form

Welcome to Green Impact Security Please use the form below to note down any equipment left on, taps dripping, windows left open etc.  Please add the room number in the the appropriate box, only submit the form once you have completed your shift/lock-up. Thank you for taking part in this Green Impact security project.  Please remember to use the comments… Read more →

Learning about Sustainability and Cooking Pizza

Sustainability learning by cooking pizza in a wood fired oven During our training as Residential Life Team members (RLT),  were introduced to the significance and impact of the Sustainability, by the University of Worcester sustainability department. Giving us the chance to develop our skills for maintaining and protecting the environment and importantly making a positive societal impact. A fun way… Read more →

Time to be craftivists!

Another workshop I attended today was Creative Activism (We are all craftivists!), which certainly appealed to me because getting a point across in a creative way is more beneficial. Inclusion was the main theme of creative activism! Stitch-ins are a very popular way of getting a point across. Stitch-in have happened when activists gathered in a busy train terminal campaigning… Read more →

Painting your pathway to Green Jobs: Sustainability

Workshop number two at Bristols Student Sustainability Summit! This workshop caught my eye, not only have I now developed my knowledge about sustainability, Charlotte and Josh from IEMA’s, (The Institute of Enviromental Management and Assessment) words opened up many eyes today at the summit. Revealing the many paths we may take in my future. IEMA explores: ‘transforming the world to sustainability’ This is… Read more →